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Rebecca Reble & Dieter Staudinger

About the Authors

Rebecca and Dieter have completed their own 40 day juice cleanse and continuously work to educate others on living a healthy lifestyle. This book represents the solution to their difficulties in finding all the information they required to competently prepare and educate themselves.

It has become their mission to make the information available using blogs, coaching videos, and podcast interviews with health professionals, thought leaders and juice cleansing experts.

It is their passion to share their expertise and experience in juicing as the medium that takes their clients through the doorway to mastering their body, emotions and mind to start living their Best Life NOW!



Praise for Juice Your Way to Health

“If you want to change your life – get to the bottom of chronic health issues, even lose weight – Juice Your Way to Health will take you all the way there.  The authors combine a refreshing blend of the latest scientific revelations, their own deeply personal experience and inspiring stories that have a powerful, transformative effect.  In this comprehensive guide, the reader will learn why juicing and juice cleansing should be an integral part of the solution to individual and collective health perils and how it easily can be.  Whether you are just curious about this natural approach to health or desperate to feel and function better – this book is where to begin.”

Dr. Andrea Ferretti, D.C., B.Sc., F.I.C.P.A., C.C.W.P., ROHP, RNCP

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